Do We Care?
Yes, We Care!

Sail Salem is committed to providing environmental stewardship.

We have a “leave no trace” policy both at sea and ashore.

We ask instructors, campers, families and all involved with Sail Salem to reduce waste, avoid using single use plastics (such as bottled water), and prevent toxins from entering our marine habitats.

Please Protect Our Waterways

Plastics, Plastics, and More Plastics

A bird surrounded by ocean plastic on the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Photo by Matthew Chauvin, courtesy of The Ocean Cleanup.

Every year, billions of pounds of plastic enter the marine environment, and this amount has been increasing at an alarming rate. The plastic entangles, endangers, harms, and kills marine animals—everything from zooplankton and fish to sea turtles, marine mammals, and seabirds. These plastics do not biodegrade, but they do break down to become tiny plastic particles—microplastics; and these microplastics are getting into our bodies through seafood and drinking water.

Much of the plastic that is contaminating our environment and our bodies comes from single-use plastics—plastics that are used once, providing a few minutes of convenience and then becoming a problem that lasts forever.

Sail Salem Has joined the race to restore ocean health and is a proud member and advocate for Sailors for the Sea.