2024 Adult Learn-to-Sail Programs

Sonar sailing, photo courtesy of Rondar Raceboats

Sail Salem will announce plans for the 2024 Adult Learn-to-Sail Program in the Spring.

2023 Adult Learn-to-Sail Program

The 2023 program was designed for people who wanted to learn the joys of sailing in Salem Harbor but who had little to no sailing experience. Instruction began with learning the parts of the boat, wind conditions and directions, and points of sail. Students proceeded to take turns steering, trimming the sails, and maneuvering the boats. Classes were limited to six (6) students per session in Sail Salem’s two 23-foot Sonar keelboats. Sonars have two Sails—a mainsail and jib—and are stable yet nimble boats, often used for adult sailing programs as they have a comfortable cockpit large enough for 4 or 5 adults. 

Each adult program ran 4 or 5 weeks, meeting once a week from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Adult Program Sailboats

Team Paradise Sonar, photo courtesy of Rondar Raceboats

Sonar Keelboats

Adult sailing classes use Sail Salem’s Sonar keelboats. First built in 1980, the Sonar is a one design racing sailboat, meaning that all Sonars are virtually identical. In 2000, it obtained recognized status with World Sailing, the international body of the sport. A Sonar is 23 feet long and can comfortably accommodate at least four or five people. An easy-to-handle boat, it also is a popular choice for training and recreational sailing. Constructed primarily of fiberglass, with a wood trim, Sail Salem Sonars feature two sails: a mainsail and a jib. The mainsail features a distinctive red stripe sail emblem.