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Fun, safe and accessible sailing! Based in Salem, Massachusetts, Sail Salem is a community sailing program that conducts summer sailing camps with educational programs for children. We have introduced the sport of sailing to thousands of children from Salem and its surrounding North Shore towns. Sailing lessons are conducted in Salem Harbor right out of Salem’s Winter Island. We bring a love of sailing to many children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to be on a boat. Scholarships and financial aid are available for Sail Salem programs. For details, see Youth Sailing Programs.

Adult Sailing. Sail Salem also has learn-to-sail programs for adults, covering the basics, using our 23-foot Sonar keelboats. For details, see Adult Sailing Programs.

“My oldest boy is on his third year with Sail Salem. It is by far his favorite camp! It will be my younger boy’s first year this season and he can’t wait. Sail Salem… you ROCK!”

2024 Snowflake Regatta

Sailors, skiers, and townspeople enjoyed the camaraderie as we launched the annual Snowflake Regatta—an event held for the benefit of the Sail Salem Scholarship Fund and dedicated to the memory of Brad White.  We began this celebration with the Snowflake Regatta Warm-Up Party on February 28, at Finz Seafood & Grill in downtown Salem.

The Warm-up Party attendees included nonskiers (and even a few landlubbers); but for those who ventured North, the celebration resumed on March 16, in North Conway, with ski races and fun for the whole family.

Snowflake Regatta Warm-Up Party ~ Photo by Ann Marije Veenland-Lee

It’s time to break up with plastic pollution!

Every year, roughly 33 billion pounds of plastic enters the marine environment, creating a growing problem for our oceans and the animals that live there.

Plastic foam, which is often used for cups, plates, food containers, and packaging, is one of the most common plastics found polluting our beaches and coasts. Easily broken up into small pieces, it spreads and is difficult to clean up. Plastic foam also frequently gets mistaken as food by sea turtles, seabirds, and other marine wildlife, which can block the digestive system and even lead to starvation.

This Valentine’s Day, you can show your love for the oceans and say farewell to foam.

If passed, the Farewell to Foam Act will reduce plastic pollution at the source by prohibiting the sale and distribution of plastic foam food containers, packing peanuts, and single-use foam coolers. Your voice can make a difference and your members of Congress need to hear from you. Take action today and tell your representatives it’s time for the United States to break up with plastic pollution and pass the Farewell to Foam Act. Help protect our oceans from harmful plastic pollution today

The Value of Sailing

Sailing is a sport and is amazing in the life lessons that it can teach students. It’s all about leadership, empowerment, and respect for the environment. It also teaches teamwork by working with a crew through, sometimes, some real frustration depending on the levels of the wind and what the environment is doing on a given day.

There are always opportunities for racing sailboats, which we like to introduce to our sailing students. But then there’s also this world of just being on a boat, fishing, or just traveling along a coast with a crew of often many personalities.
– Keegan Whitehair, former Director of Sail Salem

Our 8-year-old took beginners camp here and loved it. He is shy but had a great time with the counselors. I hope he can do it again next year. Its great and so very affordable!

Thank you, Sail Salem, for a wonderful sailing experience. Our kids from California wanted to learn how to sail while visiting Salem. Your program was well organized, safe, and most especially fun. We will definitely sign up again next year. Please let your wonderful sail instructors know they did a superb job!

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