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Based in Salem, Massachusetts, Sail Salem is a community sailing program that conducts summer sailing camps with educational programs for children. We have introduced the sport of sailing to thousands of children from Salem and its surrounding North Shore towns. Sailing lessons are conducted in Salem Harbor right out of Salem’s Winter Island. We bring a love of sailing to many children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to be on a boat. Scholarships and financial aid are available for Sail Salem programs. For details, see Youth Sailing Programs.

Sail Salem also has Adult Learn-to-Sail programs, covering the basics, using our 23-foot Sonar keelboats. For details, see Adult Sailing Programs.

The youth sailing programs are supported, in part, by generous donations; by the Sail Salem Pursuit Regatta, sponsored by the Boston Yacht Club; and by the Snowflake Regatta, a fun ski race for sailors and powerboaters.

“My oldest boy is on his third year with Sail Salem. It is by far his favorite camp! It will be my younger boy’s first year this season and he can’t wait. Sail Salem… you ROCK!”

Sail Salem has open slots for its two-week 420 Racing Clinic to be held July 15–July 26. The first week is instruction in Salem, and the second week includes three days of competition in Marblehead Junior Race Week (JRW). All candidates must be screened and approved for participation. Fees include registration for JRW. If interested, contact cody@sailsalem.org.

Sailors in this program will hone their 420 racing sailing skills and compete in Marblehead Junior Race Week. This is a great opportunity for sailors who want to take their skills to the next level. This hands-on program will run for 2 consecutive weeks both in Salem and Marblehead. Students must commit to the entirety of the program due to the unique nature of the program. Sail Salem will handle all registration and equipment needs during race week. After the conclusion of this program, students will be left with all the skills necessary to continue their racing careers.

  • Students must be 13–18 years old and have a strong background in 420 sailing.
  • July 15-19, from 8-4 daily, students will sail out of Sail Salem on Winter Island. Students will hone their racing skills working on sail trim, fleet racing strategy, tell tails usage, ley lines, starts, mark rounding, and many more skills.
  • During race week, July 22–26, students are required to be dropped off at Eastern Yacht Club. For three days, students will compete in green fleet racing against other sailors of similar age from all around.
  • The fee of $800 includes instruction, all equipment needs, and the $140 entry fee for Race Week.

If interested, contact cody@sailsalem.org.

Photo courtesy of John Murray

While Boston is talking duck boats, here in Salem it’s Sonars, as the Tuesday evening adult sailing programs got underway under blue skies and fair winds.

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For more information, visit our page on Sustainability.

Sailing is a sport and is amazing in the life lessons that it can teach students. It’s all about leadership, empowerment, and respect for the environment. It also teaches teamwork by working with a crew through, sometimes, some real frustration depending on the levels of the wind and what the environment is doing on a given day.

There are always opportunities for racing sailboats, which we like to introduce to our sailing students. But then there’s also this world of just being on a boat, fishing, or just traveling along a coast with a crew of often many personalities.
– Keegan Whitehair, former Director of Sail Salem

Our 8-year-old took beginners camp here and loved it. He is shy but had a great time with the counselors. I hope he can do it again next year. Its great and so very affordable!

Thank you, Sail Salem, for a wonderful sailing experience. Our kids from California wanted to learn how to sail while visiting Salem. Your program was well organized, safe, and most especially fun. We will definitely sign up again next year. Please let your wonderful sail instructors know they did a superb job!

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